Online Workshop: „Terrorism and Transnationality: Historical Perspectives on Political Violence, Protest and Communication across Borders“

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Online Workshop:

Terrorism and Transnationality

Historical Perspectives on Political Violence, Protest and Communication across Borders


Organizers: Felicitas Fischer von Weikersthal (Heidelberg) and Moritz Florin (Erlangen)

Date: 17 June, 2021, 1pm-8pm CET

This online workshop brings together scholars from Western Europe and Russia working on the transnational history of political violence and terrorism during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It aims to bring together the perspectives of scholars focusing on subject areas that are intertwined, but often analysed separately: The histories of acts of violence committed by self-declared anarchists, social revolutionaries, or anti-colonial activists. The workshop aims to identify overlaps, connections, and also crucial differences and dividing lines between various forms of political violence, protest and communication across borders.


13:00-13:20 Welcome and introduction

13:20-14:30 Propaganda by the Deed in the Transnational Public Sphere

Constance Bantman (Surrey): The Print Politics of Propaganda by the Deed

Fabian Lemmes (Bochum): Public Debates on Terrorism: The Anarchist Attacks in Late 19th Century Europe

14:30-14:50 Coffee Break

14:50-16:00 Newspapers, Digitization, and its Uses in Research on Transnational Terrorism

Mats Fridlund (Gothenburg): Trawling for Terrorists in the Digital Gulf of Bothnia: The Flawed Finnish Emergence of ‘Separatist Terrorism’ in the early 20th Century

Moritz Florin (Erlangen): Terrorist Acts of Violence as Transnational Media Events. Examples from Eastern and Western Europe

16:00-16:40 Break

16:40-17:50 Networks, Protest and Glocal Events in the History of Russian Terrorism

Lara Green (Durham): Mapping the Local, National, and Transnational Networks of Russian Emigre Terrorist Propagandists in London, 1884-1914

Felicitas Fischer von Weikersthal (Heidelberg): Russian Terrorism and Public Demonstrations of Transnational Protest. The Funeral of Grigorii Gershuni as a Glocal Event

17:50-18:10 Coffee Break

18:10-19:20 Migration, Transnationality and State Surveillance in the trans-Atlantic

Niall Whelehan (Glasgow): Migration, Transnationality and Irish Nationalist Violence in the late-1800s.

Dimitry Nechiporuk (Tyumen): “The Settlement has been a Meeting Place for Anarchists”: The Polarization of the American Friends of Russian Freedom after 1917 and the Surveillance of Progressive Political activities by the U.S. Department of Justice, 1919-1922


Short Break

Final Discussion + Outlook


If you would like to participate, please contact Moritz Florin (