Alexander Osipov

Alexander Osipov

Research interests
  • Environmental history, especially protected areas and national landscapes in the post-Soviet space
  • Ecotourism studies
  • Russian Civil War
  • Finnish-Soviet relations in 1918–1922.

Curriculum vitae

Diploma in History of Northern Europe. Petrozavodsk State University.
Candidate of Science in History. Petrozavodsk State University.
Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Nordic Countries Department, Petrozavodsk State
Project Researcher, Department of Geographical and Historical Studies, University of
Eastern Finland.
Project Researcher,
Karelian Institute, University of Eastern Finland.
PhD. University of Eastern Finland.
Postdoctoral researcher, Karelian Institute, University of Eastern Finland.
Visiting researcher, University of Manchester.

Selected publications

Vituhnovskaya-Kauppala, M. & Osipov, A. V puchine grazhdanskoj vojny. Karely v poiskah strategij vyzhivaniya, 1917–1922
(In the Depths of the Civil War: Karelians in the Search for Strategies of Survival. 1917–1922). Saint Petersburg, 2021. 348 p.
Book chapters:
Osipov, A. Environmental Conflict and the Birth of the Russian Ladoga Skerries National Park. Lake Ladoga. The Diverse History of the Greatest Lake in Europe. Ed. M. Lähteenmäki & I. Land.
Helsinki: SKS, 2023: 195–214.
Osipov, A. Ladoga Skerries: Suomen kansallismaisemasta Venäjän kansallispuistoksi [From Finnish National Landscape to Russian National Park]. Laatokka. Suurjärven kiehtova rantahistoria. Ed. M. Lähteenmäki. Helsinki: SKS, 2021: 265–295.
Edited Volumes:
Golubev, A. & Osipov, A. Ustnaya istoriya v Karelii (Oral History in Karelia), Vol. 1: Oral History
of Higher Education in Karelia. Petrozavodsk: Petrozavodsk State University Press, 2006. 132 p.
Golubev, A. & Osipov, A. Ustnaya istoriya v Karelii (Oral History in Karelia), Vol. 3: Finnish
Occupation of Karelia. Petrozavodsk: Petrozavodsk State University Press, 2007. 212 p.
Osipov, A. Karel’skoe vosstanie 1921–1922 godov: priciny, susnost’, posledstvia [Karelian
Rebellion of 1921–1922: Causes, Essence, Consequences]. Uchenye zapiski Petrozavodskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta 43–4/2021: 71–77.
Karhu, J., Lähteenmäki, M., Ilmolahti, O. & Osipov, A. From threat to opportunity: sustainability
and tourism in Koli National Park. Tourism geographies 2020: 1–20.
Golubev, A. & Osipov, A. Introduction to the Forum: Civil Wars, Visions of Statehood, and Quasi-
State Actors in the North-west of the Former Russian Empire. Ab Imperio 2/2019: 186–196.
Osipov, A. Ecotourism in Russian Karelia: Emergence, Development, Opportunities.
Matkailututkimus. 15:1/2019: 53–66.
Osipov, A., Lähteenmäki, M., Ilmolahti, O. & Karhu, J. Kommodificaciya prirody: nacional’nyi
park Ladozhskie shkhery [Commodification of Nature: The Case Study of the Ladoga Skerries
National Park]. Mir Rossii 3/2019: 113–131.